I am a San Francisco based photographer specializing in stylized portraits both in studio and on location. 

I grew up racing on the national BMX circuit and went on to tour the world playing guitar in a metal band. I'm still trying to hack it as a semi pro mountain bike racer. I had always taken pictures as a way to document my travels but in a painfully snapshotty kind of way, usually with my finger over the lens. It wasn't until I was gifted a camera and given a crash course on what the dials did that I discovered I had a knack for it and photography took over as the obsession it is for me today. 

These days you can find me hanging out the sun roof of a car going 40mph up the coast, cramming a six light set up into a 5x8 room, or wrestling with a pair of wild grey cats; all for the sake of getting the shot and having a good time. 

Clints and publications:

Vice / Munchies / Forbes Turkey / The Wrap / Boreas Gear / MASH SF / ROAD Magazine / Connect Magazine / New Noise Magazine / Ha'aretz / Above Category Cycling / Kim and Proper / Bicycling Magazine / Deathwith Inc. Records / Clara Lending / Airtable / Bannerman / The Absinthe Group


Interview with Shot Kit

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